The University of Utah licensing program was established in 1979 to oversee the use of the institution's trademarked names and marks. After twenty-six years of being administered by the University Bookstore, the growth and success of the program allowed for a Licensing Office to be created in December 2005. Trademark, name, and image licensing are now handled exclusively through this new department in cooperation with University of Utah administration.

Since 1983, the Collegiate Licensing Company has served as the University of Utah's exclusive licensing agent, and been a crucial partner in helping the University of Utah become ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the United States for licensing revenue.

The licensing program began as a vehicle to protect and promote the University of Utah's marks. While this is still at the core of the mission of the licensing program, the continuing evolution of intellectual properties now broadened the scope of the department to include still and moving images, audio and video broadcasts as well as data rights management.