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Licensing Partners

University of Utah Current Vendors

The University licensing program oversees the use of the University of Utah's marks and name. Vendors who wish to use those marks in the manufacturing of product must first become a licensed vendor with the University of Utah. Regardless of how the product is used (giveaway, internal consumption by the University, retail, etc.), only licensed vendors are authorized to use the University of Utah marks and name. A "licensed vendor" status is only obtained through the University of Utah's Licensing Department; no other University department may authorize a vendor to use the institution's marks or name.

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  • Click on the vendor link below
  • Under "Step 1: Pick a Product Category" (Optional) search the drop down menu for the type of product that best describes what you are looking for
  • Under "Step 2: Pick a School" select The University of Utah
  • Click "Search"
  • To search a new product simply go back to "Step 1" and select the new category
  • Most licensed vendors have not been awarded University contracts. For University of Utah departments making purchases of $5,000 or more, you must contact the Purchasing Department at 801 581-7241 prior to completing this process .
Last Updated: 5/22/17