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U of U Licensing Program Overview

The University licensing program is designed to provide a simple, step by step procedure enabling the purchase of licensed goods.** This program allows any individual or department to legally purchase licensed goods that bear the University of Utah's marks.

Follow these 8 easy steps to participate in the Licensing Program:

  1. Generate concept (product design and how it is used)
  2. Contact the Licensing Manager to discuss concept and receive list of approved vendors (801 585-7784 or
  3. Licensing Administrator determines if royalties apply*
  4. Individual/Department requests bids from licensed vendors for purchases that total less than $5,000.00
  5. Individual/Department chooses vendor
  6. Vendors submit design to The Collegiate Licensing Company
  7. Licensing Director approves artwork
  8. Vendor produces product and ships to individual/department

**Most licensed vendors have not been awarded University contracts. For University of Utah departments making purchases of $5,000 or more, you must contact the Purchasing Department at 801 581-7241 prior to completing this process .

*If royalties do not apply, the individual/department will receive a letter from the Licensing Director stating that royalties are waived. The letter should be submitted to vendors during the bid process.

Last Updated: 5/23/17