Vendor Licensing Process

The University licensing program oversees the use of the University of Utah's marks and name. Vendors who wish to use those marks in the manufacturing of product must first become a licensed vendor with the University of Utah. Regardless of how the product is used (giveaway, internal consumption by the University, retail, etc.), only licensed vendors are authorized to use the University of Utah marks and name. A "licensed vendor" status is only obtained through the University of Utah's Licensing Department; no other University department may authorize a vendor to use the institution's marks or name.

Follow these 6 steps to complete the Licensing Process:

  1. Become a licensed vendor through The Collegiate Licensing Company (6 – 8 week process)
  2. Submit product design/idea to customer to determine if an interest exists
  3. Submits product artwork electronically through The Collegiate Licensing Company for Licensing Director's approval
  4. Approval usually granted within 48 hours
  5. Vendor can now produce product/service bearing University marks
  6. Vendor reports royalties to CLC

Visit our licensing agent's web site at for a list of FAQ's and to request an application.